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The experienced team at Kemp Chiropractic uses the most current and up-to-date methods for treating our patients. Among the issues our staff are most experienced in treating are neck and back pain; sports and accident-related injuries; and neurological conditions.


Dr. Kemp has been an integral part of our community since 2010, where he has built meaningful connections with patients and their families. His journey as a chiropractor has been enriched by the opportunity to care for college athletes during his tenure as the chiropractor for UVU Sports as well as local and professional athletes.
Having witnessed firsthand the transformative power of excellent chiropractic care on the human body, Dr. Kemp is passionate about guiding individuals on their path to improved health.

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Dr Chris Abney

Dr. Chris Abney is passionate in helping people overcome pain and dysfunction that is keeping them from enjoying life and performing at their highest capacity. 

Prior to graduating from Parker University, Dr, Abney studied Sports Science and Kinesiology at Utah Valley University which led him to a career in strength and conditioning. During his time as a strength coach , Dr. Abney, realized the importance of moving properly to increase performance and to overcome and prevent injuries.
He is excited to combine the healing science of Chiropractic, myofascial release and movement education to improve the function of the human body and to help people continue enjoying their life pain free.

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Dr Austin Rehkow

A former NFL player turned chiropractor, Dr. Rehkow understands the importance of being able to live an active and pain-free life. His goal is to help patients not only alleviate their pain but also restore their mobility and function, so they can get back to doing the activities they love. With his unique perspective and expertise, he strives to provide comprehensive chiropractic care that focuses on each patient's individual needs and goals

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